Major Depression Signs: Signs that you Need Help with Depression

There are many depression signs that should tell you that you or a loved one need to seek professional assistance. Being unhappy does not mean that you are depressed. Some people use the term depression loosely in reference to how they feel after having a bad week or after being dumped. However, major depressive disorder is more complicated. There are certain symptoms or signs that should tell you whether you are depressed or it is just a normal feeling. Our experts share signs that should prompt you to seek professional help with depression.

Changes in how you feel

Major depression can be described as a severe mood disorder. It affects how a person feels about their life. The most common sign of depression is having a helpless or hopeless outlook on life. Some people also feel inappropriate guilt, self-hate and worthlessness. A person that is depressed has thoughts of wondering what the point of doing something is and always blaming themselves for anything that goes wrong.

Loss of interest

If you lose enjoyment or pleasure in things that you used to love, this could be a sign that you are depressed. Losing interest or withdrawing from the activities that you enjoyed doing in the past such as hobbies, sports or hanging out with your friends is a common sign of depression. Depression can also be indicated by a decrease in sex drive or impotence.

Irritability and anxiety

Mental and physical toll that is associated with depression causes irritability and depression. Males and females are affected by depression differently. Apart from irritability, men can display signs that are not associated with typical depression such as risky behavior, escapism, misplaced anger and substance abuse.

Sleep and fatigue

A major reason why you might no longer be interested in what you enjoyed doing is the feeling of being tired or exhausted. Usually, depression is associated with energy loss and overwhelming lethargy feeling. This is the most debilitating sign of depression. It can lead to lack of sleep or excessive sleeping. There is also a link between depression and insomnia because one can lead to another. Some of these signs can also worsen each other. For instance, lack of adequate, quality sleep can cause anxiety.

Weight and appetite

Appetite and weight can fluctuate in varying ways in depressed persons. There are people that will gain weight and experience increased appetite. Others will not feel hungry and they will end up losing weight. A factor that should enable you to determine whether fluctuation in weight or appetite is due to depression is whether the changes are intentional. If they are not intentional, they are a sign of depression.

Contemplating death

It might be scary but depression is connected to suicide. Suicide will rarely come without symptoms. If you find yourself or a loved one talking about suicide or attempting to commit suicide, this could be a sign of depression.

Basically, if you detect any of these depression signs especially the last one, you should seek depression help immediately. Get in touch with us any time for professional help with depression.

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