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What to expect from Peak Fitness

April 29th, 2012 - Comments Closed

What can you expect from Peak Fitness

  • Peak Fitness IS NOT a big gym. Our members are a dedicated, close knit community whose results are built upon shared success
  • Peak Fitness IS NOT a bootcamp/military or one size fits all gym.  We strive to educate our clients on how to achieve and maintain results which work for their lifestyle and individual needs.
  • Peak Fitness IS a commitment which is built on hard work and dedication.
  • Peak Fitness IS a private environment where you will be given individualized attention and guidance
  • Peak Fitness IS a systematic approach to fitness (All members given specific guidance in fitness, nutrition and injury prevention with nothing left to chance)
  • Peak Fitness IS a team of dedicated fitness coaches that provides quality instruction and dedicated coaching for every client we train

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Stop the Insanity! 30 days abs challenge

June 12th, 2014 - Comments Closed

The number on request I get from clients is the perfect exercise(s) to develop a flat stomach.

During this time, I have literally tried everything from crunches, leg lift and sit ups to hanging sideways from a flag pole.

The bottom line is there is that the magic prescription for abs comes down to three factors in this order:
1. Nutrition
2. Strength/resistance exercise
3. Exercises which directly work the core

While the other two can be covered a number of different ways, lets assume you have a handle on the first two.

For point three, I have seen a number of different 30 day abs “challenges” lately floating around the internet which increase the number of daily sit ups, crunches and leg lifts performed BEFORE holding in a plank.

While this seems logical, I am still a bit fuzzy as to the expected outcome. Is the goal to significantly strengthen your core in 30 days or simple perform 200 crunches, 125 sit ups and 65 leg raises in one sitting. If you can hold in a plank for two minutes after this barrage then my hat is off to you, but can you even hold for 30 seconds now without your torso resembling a bad dance move?

This type of challenge is what is often referred to in my industry as shit soup– a bunch of stuff thrown together without a real outcome. The question I hope to answer here is how can we actually measure improvement to the core and how can we get ripped abs without getting back pain?

Here are a few thoughts:
1. Throw out 180 of ANYTHING- If you can do 180 crunches, you are wasting your time. Like any muscle, the abs respond to progressive challenges in intensity. This means you have to make stuff harder versus simply doing more stuff.
2. Flat versus bulk- Want to make your stomach and thighs look bigger? Do a lot of exercises which involve movement of the legs and torso (sit up versus a plank). These response of your stomach muscles to movement is growing larger instead of making them flat to accommodate an increasing number of reps.
3. Do isometrics instead- Why does a plank kick so much ass? Because it trains the core muscles responsible for actually flattening your stomach. Because they involve no actual movement of your torso, the effect of the plank is to tone muscle which already exists versus building bulk to the stomach– a much different effect to that of a sit up or crunch.
4. Abs WITHOUT back pain- Crunches, sit ups, etc work by flexing and extending the spine along with the abs. The low back/spine only has so many crunches to give before we start to deal with pain or degeneration. To understand what I mean, bend a credit card in the middle 100 times and you will notice a bit of fraying occur in the middle. Bend it 1000 times and it will eventually snap. The spine is the same way.

Overall, what we are looking for here is a progressive Abs challenge that will actually give you the stomach you want. This is why I have cooked up a 30 day challenge which involves three levels. With this mind, do the following to get started:

1. Perform the following plank test below to learn your level:

2. Learn how to breath during each rep to use the right ab muscles (this can also be done multiple times during the day to tone your abs)

3. Sign up for the workout that fits your level

Training Tuesday- Get toned in 5 minutes

June 25th, 2013 - Comments Closed

What this video teaches you: Specific training to quickly define hard to tone muscles What NOT to eat to ensure the body drops water before important events How to do all of this in less than 12 minutes per day → Read More

28 day holiday BOOST program

November 27th, 2012 - Comments Closed

28 Day Holiday Fitness Boost No time to work out? Get real results in 10 minutes this holiday season. Join our powerful 28 day holiday BOOST program to get the jump on January. Cost= Free. Limited to 1st 15 people. How it works: Participants are provided daily ten minute interval circuits which require no equipment […] → Read More

Softball Strength- Fitting it in

September 15th, 2012 - Comments Closed

Softball Strength- Time Efficient training: By: Chris Kelly I would like to believe that ten years in to my work as a personal trainer, I am pretty good at spotting excuses (my donkey is in labor, the garage door dropped on my hamster, I was bitten by a shark on the way home from the […] → Read More

Golf Fitness Seminar

September 14th, 2012 - Comments Closed

Join Lakeland’s golf fitness experts for an evidenced based presentation on the latest methods in golf fitness and swing mechanics utilized by today’s top golfers. When: Fill dates Where: Serious Exercise (3230 South Florida Ave/Lakeland FL 33803) What you will learn: 1. Golf Fitness training- Chris Kelly CSCS CPT TPI Level 1 Trainer Functional movement […] → Read More

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